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Immigration is a politically charged topic. As such, the laws surrounding immigration are constantly changing. If you are a foreign individual seeking entry into the U.S. or a permanent resident looking to obtain citizenship, or if your status and ability to stay in the U.S. are in question, you need knowledgeable immigration attorneys on your side. You need the Yale Law Group.

Our Denton, Texas, firm helps individuals throughout the country with a wide range of immigration-related matters, including:

We also help individuals who were brought illegally into the U.S. as children obtain residency under the Dream Act.

A new law on the horizon will allow parents of U.S.-born children to remain in the country through the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program.

At The Forefront Of Immigration Laws

Individuals throughout the country turn to us for immigration-related matters for two very important reasons.

First, they know that our team is at the forefront of immigration laws. We are not only up to date on the latest legal developments, but we also keep an eye on immigration trends. Our familiarity with immigration laws means your case will be handled in the swiftest, most effective manner possible.

Second, they know we are on their side. When dealing with immigration issues, deportation is always a fear. Our goal as a firm is to get you all of the documentation you need to build your life in the United States. We will do everything in our power to help you enter and remain in the U.S.

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