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Why Do Immigration Cases Take so Long?

At any given time there are millions of immigrants waiting, sometimes for months or often years, to get into the United States or if they are already here, they're waiting to hear from Immigration.

Here are some reasons for a lengthy wait in the immigration process:

  1. Family quotas. Family-based visas are when a U.S. citizen petitions for a family member to immigrate to the U.S. There are minimum waiting periods, and yearly quotas, meaning that some relatives can end up waiting for a long time before they can get a visa which sometimes creates significant backlogs.
  2. Employment quotas. There is a maximum amount of skilled workers allowed from any given country in a year. There are other categories which might not have such long lines but there are limits placed on beneficiaries of visa petitions.
  3. Background checks. USCIS must verify that an applicant is not a threat to society and these types of checks can take an extended amount of time.
  4. The system has its inherent flaws. Some offices are slower in processing cases than others. Unfortunately, officers transfer to different departments and leave behind unfinished adjudications, folders are rerouted to service centers to even out the delays, files get lost, and there are many additional delays that can happen.
  5. Too many deportation cases, not enough Judges. There are thousands of people awaiting trial dates in the U.S. Immigration Courts. The wait time can be as long as two or more years.

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