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Criminal Convictions and Immigration

Each year, thousands of immigrants, many of whom are long-time permanent residents, are placed in removal proceedings because of their criminal convictions. These convictions may have been minor offenses and many may have been committed many years ago. There is no statute of limitations in removal proceedings.

AILA Resources on the Economic Benefits of Immigration

Reforming our immigration system is vital to creating a workforce that contributes to our economic security - both in times of prosperity and recession. Legal immigration is a highly regulated and tightly controlled system that serves our national interest by providing U.S. employers access to workers with the specific skills necessary to strengthen the economy and remain competitive in the global economy. Our current ability to bring in foreign workers from a range of skill levels, however, is extremely limited and outdated.

Withholding of Removal

Withholding of Removal is available relief to avoid removal to a country where the individual immigrant is very strong likely to suffer persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.


What is Asylum?