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Aggressive trial approach

Yale Law tried a will contest to a Jury for 8 days resulting in client being awarded her homestead, a monetary award in excess of $350,000.00, retirement funds, and an ongoing payment of expenses. Client was charged hourly and court-awarded attorney's fee paid from opponent's funds. 

Real Estate dispute tried to Jury

Yale Law represented former Dallas Maverick basketball player in the sale of his home to a former Dallas Cowboy player. The Cowboy sued the Mav regarding a breach of contract and the Maverick counter-sued the Cowboy. The Jury unanimously found in our client's favor & awarded a high six-figure damage award. 

Jury trial success against Child Protective Services (CPS)

Yale Law conducted a CPS Jury custody trial which lasted two-week long. The clients (parents) were reunited with their infant and 5-year-old children. CPS wanted to terminate the parents' rights and have the children adopted by two separate sets of adoptive parents.

Effective Civil Litigation

Yale Law Group was retained to represent a defendant against a national bank 30 days before trial. We revised the pleadings and mounted a successful defense to obtain a zero verdict for our client on an alleged breach of guaranty agreement which resulted in our client not being held liable for an excess of $350,000.00. The client had only previously received offers to settle if he paid the entire alleged liability.