There’s Good, And Then There’s Yale.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, our record speaks for itself. Our attorneys are innovative,
aggressive and dedicated. We get results.

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There’s Good, And Then There’s Yale.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, our record speaks for itself. Our attorneys are innovative,
aggressive and dedicated. We get results.

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Success Stories

jury awarded $605,000 Defendants Represented by Yale Law in a suit dubbed “Snake-nado”

In August 2015, a jury in Denton County has awarded $605,000 to the Defendants in a suit dubbed “Snake-nado”. The Plaintiffs sued the Defendants for fraud and violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, alleging that the property they were sold was infested with copperhead snakes, and that the Defendants failed to disclose the presence of snakes. The suit came to an end after 4 years. One Plaintiff is both an attorney and a CPA, making the verdict indicative of a rising trend of professionals abusing their power.

In 2011 the Plaintiffs and Defendants entered into a contract on 3 acres of property in rural Argyle, Texas. The months leading up to the July closing, and those immediately following, were filled with turmoil, as Plaintiffs repeatedly threatened suit and recession, and demanded several price reductions. It was clear that (1) the Plaintiffs were not going to let go of the property, and (2) the Plaintiffs planned on suing the Defendants regardless of the accommodations made. Despite their knowledge of rural land in North Texas and the likelihood of snakes on the property, the Plaintiffs almost immediately filed suit alleging a failure to disclose the copperhead snakes on the property. Although the Plaintiffs received an inspection report, the Plaintiffs claimed to have no knowledge of the snakes, a room addition, and various improvements recommended for the property.

At trial, the Defendants’ counsel, Roger Yale, showed the jury the true intentions of Plaintiffs. The numerous emails to the Defendants, the Defendants’ real estate agent, and the Defendants’ previous attorney illuminated Plaintiffs’ attempts to use his law license as means to bully the elderly couple. Likewise, the pure inconsistencies in the claims asserted by the Plaintiffs-stating they found at least 100 copperheads within the first 90 days of receipt of the property while alleging only 2 sightings in their demand letter sent 2 months after closing, and claiming over $100,000 in “snake proofing” without a single invoice or bill-broke apart Plaintiffs’ façade before the jury.

The Yale Law Group, PLLC goes above and beyond for its clients, fighting against bullies of all shapes and sizes.

Aggressive trial approach

Yale Law tried a will contest to a Jury for 8 days resulting in client being awarded her homestead, a monetary award in excess of $350,000.00, retirement funds, and an ongoing payment of expenses. Client was charged hourly and court-awarded attorney’s fee paid from opponent’s funds.

Jury trial success against Child Protective Services (CPS)

Yale Law conducted a CPS Jury custody trial which lasted two-week long. The clients (parents) were reunited with their infant and 5-year-old children. CPS wanted to terminate the parents’ rights and have the children adopted by two separate sets of adoptive parents.

Real Estate dispute tried to Jury

Yale Law represented former Dallas Maverick basketball player in the sale of his home to a former Dallas Cowboy player. The Cowboy sued the Mav regarding a breach of contract and the Maverick counter-sued the Cowboy. The Jury unanimously found in our client’s favor

Easing a Complicated Naturalization

Yale Law Group, PLLC has helped a woman from the former USSR naturalize and become U.S. citizen. Although she had a criminal conviction that provided some complications, we were able to shepherd her through the naturalization process.

Effective Civil Litigation

Yale Law Group, PLLC was retained to represent a defendant against a national bank 30 days before trial. We revised the pleadings and mounted a successful defense to obtain a zero verdict for our client on an alleged breach of guaranty agreement which resulted in our client not being held liable for an excess of $350,000.00. The client had only previously received offers to settle if he paid the entire alleged liability.

A Better Divorce Settlement

Yale Law Group, PLLC helped a father obtain a divorce and clear him from the duties and obligations of supporting a child that was not biologically his but born during the marriage.

Life Changing Experience for A Victim

Yale Law Group, PLLC assisted a victim of attempted murder and a witness of a total of 3 murders receive a U Visa and stay in the United States instead of returning to his home country of Honduras through the assistance he provided to law enforcement regarding the murders.