Your Case Is Not Over

When looking at your case, it might serve to think of it like a boxing match. Your first day in court, your first trial, that is all just the first round. If you get knocked down there, you have great chance to get back up, if you have the right legal team behind you.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys work hard for you, and we do not give up on your case. We have more than 25 years of aggressive, skilled advocacy in appellate court for our clients. Our focus on every case is getting you the outcome you deserve.

Experience You Can Trust

While we have argued in state and federal appellate courts, we are still a hometown Denton, Texas, firm. Our practice takes the next step for cases in:

  • Family law appeals
  • Child Protective Service appeals
  • Civil litigation appeals

A case moving through the appeals process means that it has a complexity to it that is hard to parse at first glance. Taking a proactive approach to your case, paired with our years of experience and innovative perspective, allows us to build strong, arguments that carry weight in court.

Attorney Roger Yale, leads our appeals team in court and in the planning stages, and we build a comprehensive and forward-thinking strategy for you. Our practiced, sure advice will put you at ease for the future of your case.

Do Not Give Up On Your Case

There is hope even when the road ahead is not clear. It takes fortitude and clear-eyed vision to represent your needs when the odds are against you. We offer that perspective and that level of service. If you need an appellate lawyer for a family law or civil matter, contact us today to schedule a consultation. You may also reach us at 940-222-8025 or use this online form.