In the State of Texas, if you had a charge filed against you dismissed, received a deferred disposition (similar to deferred adjudication) on a class C misdemeanor and successfully completed that deferred disposition, you were found not guilty, or your case was no billed, the charge and/or arrest can still show up on your criminal record. While it may not show up as a conviction, the best way to ensure that your criminal record is clean is to apply for an expunction. An expunction is the process by which all records and computer references of your arrest and prosecution are destroyed from law enforcement agencies, courts, prosecutors, and state and federal repositories of criminal records like the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The charge and/or arrest will be on your criminal history until you are granted an expunction. However, there are limitations on one’s right to an expunction. Only a lawyer familiar with your specific fact situation can evaluate your expunction eligibility. We can take a good look at your record and work to get it as clean as possible.