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February 2014 Archives

Criminal Convictions and Immigration

Each year, thousands of immigrants, many of whom are long-time permanent residents, are placed in removal proceedings because of their criminal convictions. These convictions may have been minor offenses and many may have been committed many years ago. There is no statute of limitations in removal proceedings.

Morality Clause...to date or not to date, that is the question.

In Texas, a morality clause is a provision in a court order that states that neither parent can have a romantic partner stay the night while the children are present. The purpose of a morality clause is to prevent parents from exposing the children to several new dating partners. If there is a morality clause in your court order, your options are: get married, risk losing your kids if you violate the morality clause, or during the other parent's possession of the children, stay the night with your partner assuring that the children are not present.