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September 2011 Archives

Deportation/Removal Hearing

Deportation/removal proceedings begin once Department of Homeland Security (DHS) files the Notice to Appear (NTA) with the Immigration Court. The Notice to Appear is served on the individual alien ordering him/her to appear for an immigration hearing. The removal/deportation proceedings are generally conducted in person or by video conference.

Removal Proceedings: Notice to Appear (NTA)

Removal proceedings begin when an individual is issued a document called a Notice to Appear (NTA). The removal process is initiated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS serves the Notice to Appear to the individual ordering him/her to appear for an immigration hearing. The Notice to Appear notifies the individual of the reasons the government believes he/she should be removed from the United States, the nature of the proceedings, date, time, and place to appear for the removal proceedings, and the consequences of failing to appear at the hearing. The Notice to Appear also advises an individual of the right to have an attorney represent them at their own expense, the nature of the proceedings.