Have you been arrested for a criminal offense, yet you have never had criminal charges formally filed against you? Have you been acquitted from the criminal offense by a trial court?

If the answer to one of these questions is “yes”, you may be entitled to an expunction of your criminal records relating that specific criminal offense. An “expunction” essentially means that your criminal record is permanently erased, which legally gives you the ability to deny that the incident ever occurred. Depending upon the classification of the criminal offense in question (Class A, B or C Misdemeanor; Felony), the State of Texas has a specific time limit to formally file criminal charges against you. These time periods range from six (6) months up to three (3) years from the date of your arrest, depending upon the criminal offense.

Expunction of certain criminal records will greatly enhance your ability to find employment, to obtain credit/loans, gain acceptance into college/graduate school, etc. There are many factors that affect one’s right to have their criminal record expunged. It is important to contact a law firm that has experience in such matters.

If you are seeking an expunction of your criminal record, we can help.