Recently, the United States Supreme Court in a 2015 opinion stated there are only four businesses that come from such a highly regulated governmental oversight position that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy for the records of that business. Those businesses are an automobile junk yard, liquor sales, firearms dealing, and mining. If your business is not one of the four listed, it is apparent that you have the right to have a magistrate or judge rule that the police or administrative body has a reasonable right to examine your records and without a warrant signed by a judge or magistrate, you have the absolute right to deny entry to your business and/or any requirement that you produce the records requested.

While we are not giving specific advice on your business through this blog, it is apparent from the United States Supreme Court’s ruling that if you are not involved in one of the four named industries, you have the absolute right to deny entry to your business and to deny the records requested at the time an officer appears demanding to see such records.

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