If you are currently involved in a divorce or another family law matter and are active on social media, consider how social media posts can hurt you and consider limiting your usage for the time being.

1. Posting something bad about your ex while you are mad or upset.

Saying bad things about your ex online can suggest to the judge that you are not acting in your children’s best interest.

2. Past poor decisions that are documented online.

Even posts that are several years old can still make you look bad today. Your social media accounts should not have photos of excessive partying, inappropriate attire, and other questionable activities. However, don’t assume you can remove any of your social media history without potential legal consequences. Ask your attorney what you can and cannot do.

3. Reposting inappropriate posts on your wall or being tagged in inappropriate posts/photos.

Inappropriate posts can easily be misinterpreted by the court and give the judge the wrong impression of you.

4. Social media posts contradict your testimony in court.

If it can be proven you lied once, whether it’s relating to social media or not, the judge will likely assume everything you say is a lie and you are not going to appear credible.

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