An absolute fear of any parent is having your child removed by Child Protective Services (CPS). Suddenly, complete strangers need to know every little detail about your life and your child’s life, and your every move is being monitored. While it may seem stressful, there is a light at the end of the CPS tunnel: your child will end up in the best situation possible under the facts.

Case in point, Simone Biles, Olympic gymnast for the U.S.A. The world has watched the 2016 Olympic Games where Simone’s undeniable talent and strength have shown throughout. As she progressed through the games, the world also learned that Simone and her siblings spent time in the foster care system.

Specifically, Simone and her siblings were removed from their family due to drug use by their parents and placed in foster care. The children were returned and removed a number of times before they were adopted (the two older siblings by an aunt) and Simone and her younger sister by their grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, in Texas. Despite the hardship of her past, Simone expresses joy and love for her parents-there is no doubt in her mind that Ron and Nellie Biles are her father and mother.

As a result of the adoption, Simone and her siblings have grown up in a home filled with love, support, and success-something that likely would not have been possible if foster services had not intervened.

Although the CPS process can be stressful, the end result is absolutely worth it. All involved have the same goal: to act in the best interest of the child. With Simone and her siblings, it is clear that happily ever after is possible.

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