Governor Greg Abbott has recently signed a number of bills aimed at improving child protection in Texas. After much controversy over the broken system, lawmakers have been working to target major issues, providing the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services the options and resources to do what needs to be done for these children.

Some of the new adjustments would include:

  • Initial funds to grandparents and other relatives to take in abused and/or neglected children to cover startup costs as well as monthly stipends (moderate and/or low income to qualify)
  • Obtaining beds, services, and therapies through county government entity and/or nonprofit organizations to increase the supplies available
  • Certain areas could delegate many of the case management duties being performed by CPS workers to private companies, allowing the CPS workers more time for investigations and visits to the children the subject of their cases
  • Quicker deadlines for care companies managed by Medicaid, changing the deadline for a medical exam from 30 days to 3 days

Certain areas, like Fort Worth, have been moving toward the new system. The initial success involves private providers working together with state CPS workers, and has already provided insight into areas that should be fine-tuned.

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