A United States citizen can apply for a visa to allow his or her fiancée to come to the United States and get married in the United States. The U.S. citizen must prove that he/she intends to marry the beneficiary, that they are able to be married, that the petitioner is a U.S. citizen, and that the couple have had a meeting together in person within the past 2 years (except if impossible due to circumstances beyond their control). The petitioner must also meet certain income requirements (normally 125% of the current poverty level). The fiancée must also meet certain standards some of which include having no criminal record. Once Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services approves the petition and sends it to the U.S. Consul, the fiancée will have an interview with Consul.

The fiancée can then come to the United States on his/her approved Fiancée Visa but must marry the United States citizen petitioner within 90 days of the fiancée entering the U.S. The new spouse can then apply to change his/her status to a green card holder (Lawful Permanent Resident).