An immigration hold is placed on an individual, in state or federal custody, who the federal government wants to deport. Through the immigration hold, the federal government is notifying the jail not to release the individual and to transfer custody from the current facility to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) upon the close of the criminal case for which he/she is being held.

ICE checks the jail logs regularly and they are looking for undocumented people or people with an expired status who have been taken into custody.

One very common scenario for an undocumented person or a person with an expired visa is a traffic stop. The immigrant is unable to provide a valid driver’s license which leads to arrest, jail, and an immigration hold. However, even in a traffic stop and no driver’s license, it is in the police officer’s discretion whether to arrest the individual or not. Please contact this office at940/891-4800 for more information on how to best approach this and other similar situations.

If you or your loved one has criminal charge(s) and an immigration hold is placed on him/her, do not post bond for the criminal charge(s). Your loved one will not be released from custody and you will lose any fee you have paid for the bond.

If you have a loved one who is in jail with an immigration hold or being detained in an immigration facility it is very important that you contact an immigration attorney immediately!940/891-4800