When Family Law And Business Concerns Collide

Starting a family business is a dream come true for many. You invest your time, funds, and heart into your new venture, building something great with the people you trust the most-your family. And then you get a divorce.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, with our lead attorney Roger Yale board-certified in both family law and civil litigation, being an entrepreneur himself, we are uniquely suited to untangling these difficult situations. Brittany Weaver is not only well versed in these areas, but also utilizes her Masters of Business Administration to analyze your circumstances. Our lawyers are innovative and attentive, and we get results for our clients. Our focus is on fulfilling your needs.

Taking The Best Options

You built your business with the best of intentions hoping to one day have something that you can count on. Through struggles and uncertainty of any new business, you built something that brings you pride. You may have employees relying on you, debts to be paid, and other factors to be considered, on top of everything going on with the divorce process. You need to find the best plan to resolve these issues as seamlessly as possible.

Our attorneys consider all options available and, using our experience in family and small-business law can help guide you to the solutions you need.

A Common Problem

In our experience, one common difficulty many clients share arises from a married couple setting up a limited liability company. While there are many advantages of an LLC, such as formation and taxation, complications can compound when working dividing it during a divorce. Substantially, when a couple has commingled the assets of the business, treating its accounts as personal accounts, or has ignored other corporate formalities, you need expert opinions for tracing and other issues.

If you and your spouse started an LLC together and had no discussions about dissolving it in case the worst happens, then going through a divorce may have a serious impact on your business.

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