Worst-Case Scenarios For Grandparents

There are few relationships as unique as that between a grandparent and a grandchild. Grandparents offer grandchildren a perspective that they would otherwise never get, but many difficult situations threaten that bond. While Texas does not have any established legislation around rights for grandparents, that does not mean there is no hope.

Consider contacting the attorneys of the Yale Law Group, PLLC, in Denton, Texas, if you find yourself in any of these worst-case scenarios for grandparents:

Losing Your Child Does Not Mean Losing Your Grandchild Too

Outliving a child is one of the worst things that happens, but you can still have a link to your child if you nurture your relationship with your grandchild. However, that relationship is at the mercy of your child’s widow, and what they choose to do may not take you into account at all. Perhaps they move, or perhaps they just never prioritize you, but in any case, you want to find a way to spend time with your grandchild.

Are Your Grandkids Being Used Against You

Did you have a fight with your son, daughter or in-laws? Depending on how bad the fight was you could find yourself cut out of your grandchildren’s lives. In a situation like this your love for your grandchild is acting as a weapon against you. This compounds an already painful situation.

Your Grandchild Was Put Up For Adoption

If your child decided to give up their child for adoption and is in the process of terminating their parental rights. This is difficult, but it may not mean any potential relationship with your grandchild is going to disappear.

There Is Hope For Grandparents

The Yale Law Group, PLLC has over 25 years of legal experience that can help guide you in finding real solutions to spending more time with the grandchildren you love. Our grandparents’ rights lawyers are innovative and proactive in finding ways for you to spend time with your grandkids. Contact us today by calling our office at 940-222-8025. We also have a convenient online form as well.