Protect Your Parental Rights During Child Custody Disputes

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, we know nothing is more important to you than your children. During a custody dispute, we have one goal: to protect your relationship with your children.

Our Denton, Texas, attorneys have more than 25 years of experience helping parents get the custody and visitation orders they need to build and maintain strong bonds with their children. We can help you.

Will I Lose My Children?

When many people come to our office, they are worried they will never see their children again. In Texas, it is extremely rare for courts to award sole custody to one parent without awarding visitation time to the other. Instead, courts tend to balance children’s time between parents. This may mean parents share “possession” or custody equally, or one parent may have sole physical custody and the other visitation.

Our lawyers will meet with you to discuss your situation. We will explain possible custody arrangements and then develop a plan to get you the parenting time you want.

We also represent parents during paternity actions and suits affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR) — custody disputes involving unmarried parents.

Child Custody Modifications

Life changes. As your children grow and circumstances change, your custody order may no longer work for your family. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances — such as the relocation of one parent — you may be able to modify custody.

We will evaluate your situation to determine if a modification is possible. We will then develop a legal strategy that shows the court that a modification is warranted and that doing so would be in your children’s best interests.

Hire A Board-Certified Family Law Specialist

During a custody dispute, who do you want on your side? Attorney Roger Yale is a board-certified family law expert. Let his knowledge, his experience and his track record make the difference in your case.

“I hired Mr. Yale to handle my daughter’s child custody case after our initial lawyer totally messed it up. We could not be happier. Roger is a fighter and he knows the law and is an excellent communicator. I only wish we had hired him from the start.”

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