Keeping Families Together

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has a job to do. They listen to every call that comes in and investigate it. When they come to your door with a legitimate complaint it can feel like there is nothing that you can do.

The Yale Law Group, PLLC, with 25 years of litigation in family law matters behind us, is here to tell you otherwise. We are a group of creative lawyers who will fight to make sure that you get fair treatment in the investigation. Our goal is to put the burden on the investigators to make their case.

What Is CPS Looking For?

The first few moments of an investigation are always the hardest. It is shocking and surprising to face an accusation about how you treat your children. What CPS is looking for, however, is very specific. They need to find evidence of:

  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • Mental abuse
  • Unsafe living conditions
  • Sexual abuse

To be sure, these are dark circumstances to face. Even foundationless accusations can ruin the lives of good parents.

Our firm will not let your children be taken away from you or your reputation ruined without a fight. We are aggressive and unyielding advocates for the families who need help fighting CPS. Our lead attorney, Roger Yale, brings a traditional, no-nonsense edge to our practice and our litigation skills show that off.

We Will Protect Your Family

There is nothing quite so frightening as the prospect of losing your children. It might seem like CPS is doing its job well, until they end up on your doorstep. Do not be intimidated or afraid. Contact our Denton office today by calling 940-222-8025 or using our online form, so we can begin protecting you.

For your peace of mind and for your children, let us take on this burden for you.