Texas And Spousal Support

The concept of spousal support, referred to as alimony, is that a person has the right to support as they start a new chapter in their life. A commonly held belief is that a divorce entitles a spouse to alimony, but this is not necessarily true. Each state has their own laws regarding alimony and Texas is no different.

At Yale Law Group, PLLC, with our 25 years of experience as family law litigators, we want to help you get the necessary support you need after your divorce. To help guide you, here are some points you should know about alimony in Texas.

What Is Different About Alimony In Texas?

In Texas, alimony procedure differs from other states in that it is not automatic. For alimony to be set then it must be requested during divorce proceedings. Once requested, there are additional questions to answer:

  • Was there abuse in the marriage?
  • Are you unable to earn sufficient income to support yourself?
  • Are you unable to support yourself because of physical or mental disability?
  • Did the marriage last more than 10 years?

The answers to these questions help determine if a person is eligible for support and for how long will it be in effect. Taking on these questions is not something that you need to do alone.

The lawyers of the Yale Law Group, PLLC provide a keen understanding of your spousal support prospects.

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