What Does A Father Look Like?

Families do not look like they used to. The old formula of a mother, father and 2.5 kids is not nearly the standard it was. Suffice it to say, that some families are young, some are old and their construction is not set in stone. The most important thing to remember, however, is that a good dad has a great impact on their kids.

At Yale Law Group, PLLC, with 25 years of legal experience and family law litigation, we lawyers are happy to help fathers get the time they need to be the dads they want to be. Our focus is on helping men make the best impact on their kids.

Challenges Dads Face

As the shape of family has grown and changed, what it means to be dad and how people become dad has morphed as well. No matter how you earned the job of father you want to spend as much time with your kids as possible. In pursuit of that, you may have challenges such as:

  • Disputes with your child’s mother over parenting time
  • Questions on paternity
  • Being pressured to give up parental rights
  • Being denied agreed-upon visitation
  • Not being allowed to have input on important child-rearing decisions

You do not have to be relegated to the sidelines because you are a father. You get to be as involved as you would like. While most states still favor mothers in terms of custody, you can get the outcomes you desire.

Changing Families Does Not Change Dad’s Job

The evolution of fatherhood has become of central importance to men these days. There is no right way to be a father. Our firm is on the cutting edge of family law, innovating legal arguments and learning all that we can to keep pace with how modern families. If you want to speak with a fathers’ rights attorney to find out how you can be the best dad you can, call our Denton, Texas, office at 940-222-8025 or use our online form.