Questions On Parental Rights Termination

Being a parent is a difficult job. Some people are happy as parents, whereas some struggle greatly. At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, our lawyers are not here to judge you on what kind of parent you are. If you have questions about the termination of parental rights, we have 25 years of family law experience, and we can help

As a preliminary guide, we have compiled some short answers to some of the questions we get most often. While this is not legal advice, it can be a starting place for you to get answers.

What Happens If I Give Up My Parental Rights?

If you give up your parental rights, or otherwise have them terminated, you are no longer the legal parent of your child. You do not have any rights as a guardian and can make no legal decisions for them. In some cases, the child is placed in state conservatorship, in other cases the child may be put up for adoption.

How Can My Rights As A Parent Be Terminated?

Removal of parental rights has two avenues:

  • Voluntary termination: This is when you decide that you no longer want to have the rights of a parent. This is a prerequisite for adoption.
  • Involuntary termination: If a child protective services investigation finds that you are unfit to be a parent the state terminates your rights and removes your children.

What Is the Process For Involuntary Parental Rights Termination?

The investigation must find that there is a significant danger to the child through either abuse or neglect and that termination would be in the best interest of the child. This option is a last resort.

What Can I Do If I Want To Retain My Parental Rights?

If you are facing a child protective services filing to remove your parental rights, you will want to have attorneys who are fully prepared to go the distance for you.

We Have The Answers

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