The Hardest Moments In Estate Planning

When a person dies without an estate plan, there are two ways things could go. On the one hand, a family could come to an agreement on the estate and work with the probate court to move on. On the other hand, old family arguments could rear their heads again and turn this difficult moment into a nightmare.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC in Denton, Texas, our attorneys have 25 years of experience in confronting the nastiest kinds of family arguments. An unplanned estate leaves open wounds that, if not confronted, dissolve into family breaking crises. When you find yourself embroiled in a fight like this, know that our lawyers are with you to bring the fight to an end in your favor.

Why Would A Will Be Contested?

Even with a plan in place, there is still a chance that a fight could break out. A will that was not crafted properly may not stand up in court and that leaves an open avenue for attack. These fights are ugly and they do not end quickly.

Our firm understands the intricate nature of probate and estate planning law. We are sensitive to all the reasons you may be in this probate litigation situation, whether you are

  • Defending a will that was written in good faith


  • Objecting to a will that you believe was coerced from your elderly relative

As well as any other reason that the will left behind by your relative may not work out. These disputes are painful. Our firm can represent you from the beginning to the end of the process, minimizing your pain and maximizing your result.

Get Help Today

Being stuck in the middle of a probate dispute, whether it is a contested will or an estate with no plan at all, is a crushing thing to go through. You want to have a team of lawyers who have the strength and creativity to face your situation head on. Contact us today to schedule a consultation either through email or by calling 940-222-8025.