Five Reasons To Change Your Child Support Agreement

Child support agreements change as people’s lives change. Every state has laws regarding this process, and Texas is no different. The Yale Law Group, PLLC, with 25 years of experience in family law, has helped people in a variety of situations successfully modify their divorce agreements.

Contact us if you experience any of these life events:

Change In Employment

When you divorced you may have had a good job, or you may have been a parent staying at home. A lot of time has passed since then and your situation may have improved, or it may have gotten worse. In either case, you will need to consider how these changes affect your child support agreement.


A failed marriage does not mean you or your former spouse are now gun-shy. It is not a large leap to get into a new relationship, but a new marriage also means that there are new priorities in your life. It is possible your resources are not enough to be able to keep to the status quo.


After your divorce was finalized, and probably before then, there was a hustle to find a place to live. As time moves forward, jobs change and lives change, it may be time to move. What happens if you move to a place much more expensive than before or too far away to have the same custody arrangement? Our firm can help you renegotiate your child support and custody so you can live your life and support your children.

Child Changed Schools

Is your child in public school or private school? Are their needs met by their current environment? Education expenses can be a huge portion of the child support calculations, and if they change schools either by moving or choosing a private school, then the conversation on support will change as well.


If a wealthy family member dies and leaves your ex money then the equation on support changes. They may no longer need the same level of support. It would be in your best interests to speak with one of our attorneys to find out what to do.

Lives Change So Do Support Agreements

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