Action Yields Results In Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between the owners of a business are common. Shareholders all have a monetary stake in the company and everyone wants to have their opinion heard. As a board member or partner of an organization in a dispute, you want to have a legal team that will get results.

The Yale Law Group, PLLC is that team.

Our lawyers are focused, aggressive litigators who work with you to build a case that represents your interests. Attorney, Roger Yale, is a board-certified civil litigation attorney who sets the tone for our practice with an old school legal style. Our record of commercial litigation is one of the gems of our practice.

Aggressive. Straightforward. Focused

We have over 25 years of experience in the weeds of Texas’s civil court, and it will pay off for you. Shareholder disputes can arise from any sort of disagreement such as:

  • Disagreements over the direction of the business
  • Discovery of possible wrong doing of a shareholder
  • Dividend discrepancies
  • Compensation problems
  • Minority shareholder oppression

Our trial lawyers will use innovative strategies to get you the results you need. We do not back down from the possibility of litigation and will work hard throughout your case.

When your company takes a direction that you cannot get behind it’s time to consider what legal options you have. We will advise you on all the possible avenues to get things on the right track.

Your Shares Are Your Voice, Do Not Be Silenced

If you are fighting to be heard in your own boardroom, something has gone very wrong. Contact our office in Denton, Texas, today to schedule a free consultation with a shareholder dispute lawyer today by calling 940-222-8025 or through this online form.