What Happens In Family Law Mediation?

The truth is family law gets ugly. An argument between family members gets so hard, that it spills out into the legal system, is a special level of dispute. Family law mediation is all about taking those already public fights to a quiet, reasonable place to build an amicable solution.

At the Yale Law Group, PLLC, we offer mediation services, led by attorney Roger Yale who is a board-certified family law specialist. In mediation, we offer direct, no-nonsense advice that can cut to the heart of sensitive familial issues. We want you to be prepared for this process so here is a short guide on what to expect from mediation.

The Meeting Of Minds

The first step in mediation, of course, is meeting with the mediator. Each party explains exactly what their view of the dispute is, whether it is a custody imbalance or child support concern. These meetings can be independent with a mediator, or all at once. It depends on your situation and the mediator’s preferred methods.

The Negotiation Of Views

Once the mediator has a full understanding of both sides of the issue they serve as the facilitator for a conversation. They must be impartial in this role. They do not and will not take sides, and offer up only a dispassionate view of the circumstances. Many find this type of aid vital in re-evaluating their positions.


The obvious goal is to bring both sides of the argument to a thoughtful, agreeable resolution. To bring the family fight, back in doors, where cool minds can prevail. If that does not happen and no agreement is possible, the mediator gives suggestions on next steps.

Our Assistance

We can serve as mediators or provide invaluable advice for you as you head into your mediation meetings. If you have a family law fight that is not working out through standard negotiation, consider contacting us. To find out more about how we can help in your mediation, call us at our Denton, Texas, office. Our number there is 940-222-8025. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers through our online form.